Jonathan Webley joins UK-TUG Committee

The Committee is pleased to announce that Jonathan Webley has been co-opted. His interested in TeX stems from involvement with Project Gutenberg, and their efforts to make out-of-copyright texts available to all. He is currently working on Elements of the differential and integral calculus by William Anthony Granville, and says: With LaTeX, even an idiot like me can produce beautiful pages stuffed full of integrals and partial differentials, with the…


Resources for thesis writing

Writing a thesis in LaTeX is an area that many people seek help with. The UK-TUG Committee is keen to help students, particularly those in the UK, find the resources they need. The training pages include a lot of useful links. In particular, the thesis page includes links to various thesis templates for UK universities. A couple of general sites deserve a highlight, as both include very good general advice…


EuroTeX 2009 Meeting

EuroTeX 2009 takes place this year in Holland in late August/early September. The focus of the meeting is on Educational uses of TeX (such as manuals and teaching materials). The fee for UK-TUG members is €350, which includes everything except the excursion day (which costs €75). In particular it includes accommodation and meals. If you book and pay before February 1st there is a €100 discount (and possibly a better…


We are starting a collection of UK-targetted templates, designed for the new LaTeX user and including comments to help the beginner. To start with, we have a simple letter template, which takes the basic letter class and gives it a more modern look: see the PDF. We will be working on more templates in the coming weeks. Suggestions for useful types of document would be very welcome, as of course…


Committee for 2009

The UK-TUG Committee for 2009 is made up of: Jonathan Fine (Chair) David Crossland (Secretary and Webmaster) David Saunders (Treasurer) Joseph Wright (Membership Secretary) John Trapp (Training Officer) Jonathan Underwood Charles Goldie Simon Dales The entire committee can be contacted at