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Notice of 2013 AGM

The 2013 UK-TUG AGM will be held on Saturday 9th November at 14:00. The meeting will take place as part of the UK-TUG Speaker meeting at Trinity
College, Oxford. The committee hope that as members as possible will be able to attend the AGM and the Speaker meeting.

Elections for the committee

The term of all committee members with the exception of the Chair expires at the end of the AGM. Anyone who wishes to stand should contact the Secretary at any time before the AGM. Most of the business of the committee is carried out electronically, so a remote location should be no barrier.

Nominations require support of a member of UK-TUG in other than the candidate themselves. This has to be received by the Secretary prior to
the formal start of the AGM. In case of difficulty in finding a member to support nomination, please contact the committee.

Note that the UK-TUG Chair is elected for a two year period, and our current Chair (Simon Dales) is half-way through his term. He therefore continues as Chair for a second year with no election required.

Motions for the AGM

Any member may submit a motion to the AGM. Motions should be sent to the Secretary, and should be received by 23:59
on Friday 25th October. Motions and supporting documentation will be circulated on Sunday 27th October. Voting on motions will be possible by proxy for members not able to attend the AGM. Full details will be given with the motions when circulated.

The UK TeX Users’ Group (UK-TUG) will be arranging a presentation of the very popular course ‘LaTeX for Beginners: Using LaTeX to Write a Thesis’ in the summer.

The course will be taking place in London on the 2nd of August 2013, starting at 9:30 am and running to approximately 4:30 pm. Content will include:

  • Editing and compiling LaTeX documents
  • Logical structure
  • Chapters, sections, and other document divisions
  • Including graphics
  • Creating tables
  • Bibliographies
  • Dealing with large documents

The course fee is £20 for current UK-TUG members or £30 for non-members. The fee includes the course itself, refreshments on the day and a copy of the TeX Live 2012 DVD. For non-members, it also includes membership of UK-TUG for until the end of 2013.

Attendees will need to bring a laptop along to the event, although it may be possible to arrange a loan machine for a limited number of people on the day. The venue is UEA London, which is approximately five minutes walk from Liverpool Street station.

Provisional bookings should be made by e-mailing secretary@uk.tug.org. Confirmation of the booking, including the course fee, needs to be made within four weeks of the provisional booking. Full details of the course location, etc., will be provided to confirmed attendees.

Our popular LaTeX course, taking place in January, is once again fully-booked. We will be adding people to a reserve list, in case any spaces become available!

In the UK-TUG inbox today, we were informed of a new project: OERT: Open
Educational Resources for Typography

This project aims to make high quality learning resources on typography
and type design available to every student in the world. The resources
will be completely free and open, like Wikipedia.

As anticipated, our LaTeX for Beginners course is now fully-booked. As with the previous course, we will be maintaining a list for any spaces which do become available, and are also already planning yet another presentation of the same material for later in the year. So do e-mail to express your interest!

Members will be receiving their latest Baskerville and TeX Live 2010 DVDs over the next few days. In the same mailing is the renewal form for 2011. Membership for this year is £10, and a form is included in the mailing. Alternatively, you can get an electronic copy from the membership page.

SEGM Voting results

The results of voting on the three motions put to the SEGM were as follows:

  • Motion 1. 27 for, 0 against, 0 abstentions
  • Motion 2. 27 for, 0 against, 0 abstentions
  • Motion 3. 25 for, 1 against, 1 abstentions

In addition, the committee received two e-mails containing votes which were outside of the period of the SEGM, which are therefore regarded as invalid.

All three motions are therefore passed. There will be a separate notice shortly regarding renewal of membership for next year (2011).

The Committee has called a Special Electronic General Meeting (SEGM) of UK-TUG, to run from 29/11/2010 (00:01) to 05/12/2010 (23:59), inclusive. Attendance of members at the recent AGM was not sufficient to hold a formal vote on the motions put to that meeting, and an SEGM is therefore being held to allow voting to take place.


Three motions are to be considered at the SEGM:

  1. That this meeting approves the accounts for 2009–10.
  2. That this meeting delegates authority to appoint an inspector for the 2010–11 accounts to the Committee, who shall decide after taking advice from the Treasurer.
  3. That the membership fee for 2011 be £10 for all individual members (apart from life members), and that there be no additional entrance fee.

As previously detailed, these motions are all necessary for the day to day administration of UK-TUG. At the AGM, informal discussion about all three took place and the members present indicated their support for all of the motions.


Discussion at the SEGM should take place on the ‘announce’ mailing list (uktug-announce@tug.org). Messages posted by members to this list concerning the SEGM will be sent out to all members.


Voting on the motions for the SEGM will take place by members posting to the ‘committee’ e-mail address (uktug-committee@uk.tug.org). In contrast to discussion e-mails, these votes will only be seen by the committee. For each motion, members should indicate whether they are voting FOR, AGAINST a motion, or ABSTAIN from voting. Votes will only be counted if received by the Committee via uktug-committee@uk.tug.org during the time frame of the SEGM.

Start of the SEGM

An e-mail will be sent to the ‘announce’ list the day before the SEGM starts. This will include a voting form for the three motions to be considered.

The Committee is always keen to promote (La)TeX use. This week, we spotted a LaTeX course being run by the University of Oxford: http://www.conted.ox.ac.uk/courses/details.php?id=O10P133MAJ. This takes place on the 16th of October, and is open to the general public.

Jonathan Fine, the current Chairman of UK-TUG, has reminded members that thought will need to be given soon to replacing some members of the Committee:

I’ve served as Chair of UK-TUG for 4 years and David Saunders a little longer as Treasurer. At AGM this autumn these posts become vacant, and David and I won’t be standing for re-election (although we will be standing to stay on the Committee).

The AGM usually falls in November, so there is some time for people to start planning. Jonathan goes on to say

Please consider stepping forward to serve the TeX community in the UK. Treasurer is an important post.  The accounts are now in good order, thanks to David’s work, and he’s willing to mentor his replacement as Treasurer.  We’re also looking for a Chair to help provide leadership.

New members can be co-opted onto the Committee, so anyone interested can volunteer to join the Committee now and see what is involved.

It’s obviously important that UK-TUG continues to have a full complement of officers on the Committee (and indeed this is required by our Constitution). So for any more detail please drop the Committee an e-mail.

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