UK-TUG has funds available for supporting TeX-related projects, made available by a motion passed by its members. To that end, we have set up a sub-committee to identify projects that the members would like to support. The sub-committee is headed by Jonathan Underwood.

We are inviting submission of applications for support of projects. Project applications will be circulated to all members for comment, and where appropriate to independent referees also.

All projects that benefit the members will be considered. Examples might be: software projects projects aimed at providing training and teaching resources users, documentation projects, support for meetings etc. UK-TUG can pay for web-site hosting, travel to conferences, purchase of books and similar materials. It can also pay for team members to travel to meet each other (but not for the work done at
that meeting).

Applications should be no longer than 2 sides and should detail:

  1. The intended project.
  2. How the UK-TUG funding would be used.
  3. What the objectives of the proposed project are.
  4. What time-scale the project will be completed in.
  5. How the project will benefit UK-TUG members.

The sub-committee will review all feedback from UK-TUG members and the referee reports prior to making a decision on whether to support each project.

There is no deadline for submission of proposals, and we are happy to receive applications of support for projects of all sizes. Of course, funds are limited and so those who apply earlier are more likely to succeed! Please e-mail the committee for more details or to apply for funds.